This world makes my skin crawl. I cannot abide the creatures who believe they control this plane. Their sycophantic, two faced dealings make me want to burn them all until they are nothing but ash. All I can stand hang since past me in my life. Being born into a family where the patrons longed for nothing else except to reside within the world that I have grown to despise has left with me an acute sense of how callous these people can be; how they can destroy all that is around them just through their existence. They will soon see what there carelessness has wrought on their lives. Soon this world will be given to order. Then they will see, you all will see, the new world order.

This came to me at first as a dream when I was an adolescent. Being locked up in that prison disguised as a boarding school gave to me a great deal of time alone. The wardens of that establishment had very ingenious ways to leverage the youth under their care to assimilate into society. Their methods were not as effective on me, however. With me they got creative. One of the many nights in my silken solitary room I had a vision. The sky was black as night yet there was a beautiful red orange glow to horizon. I strained to find the light source only to see that the source came from the ground, not the sky. It was beautiful, inverse, welcoming. Tall spires reaching high into the darkness were spread in the distance and all around me were those that once flayed me with their never-ending judgment being led off like cattle to slaughter. Seeing that their immoral lives of excess had finally caught with them gave me a greater joy than anything in the world other than my younger brother.

The only person in my life that I have ever been able to relate to is my younger brother. He is the perfect specimen of this world. Inside he feels the righteous contempt of this society, yet on the outside he is everything those wretches wish they could be. Where I am tactless, driven, direct, and unappealing to the eyes; he is charming, deceptively pleasant natured, handsome, and likable to anyone he comes across. I envy his ability to blend in with them. Imagine how much easier it would be to reshape this world!

I have partners in this plan. When they reveal themselves to this world a true chaos will reign down on this system. They gave to me my vision of the New World. It is in that new world that I will rule with them. Together we will strike down all that has grown up around us, choking our freedom and misplacing our values. In the darkest moment of my life they came to me. Of all of the mortal souls on this realm they came to ME, seeking my partnership in their future. They accepted me in a way that only my own blood has. I remember it as if it was yesterday. After a night of good flogging from my jailers I was in a bad way in my cell. That was when he came to me. His told me his name was Kilzecru and that he wanted to show me the world I could help create. I nearly wept at the vision. Kilzecru opened a gate for me to walk through. It was there that I met the Great Lord. It was then that for the first time I saw true power; for the first time I was in the presence of greatness.

His huge frame is an abomination to all those who deserve his wrath. As he sat upon his throne made of bleach white bone, he leaned forward to me and spoke in voice that I half heard in my head and half with my ears. “My dear friend, how would you like power of which you could never conceive of.” The Great Lord told me of how the world needs reform, that it is a broken place. He said he has heard my thoughts, seen my suffering at the hands of those that had no right to rule over one of my untapped potential. As he unfolded his plan for the New World I grew increasingly excited. It was as if he could read my greatest desires. He needed a being of the mortal coil to raise an army that would bring about a change in the order of Ayrdonya. He needed a loyal general to raise that army, a man of conviction to his task, and in return that man would be given power and influence beyond mental grasp. I bound myself to him, to his plan, and as I write this I swear to any and all who would ever read it.

The world you now live in and all of its superficial, meaningless trappings is going to burn.

I shall raise an army of unyielding soldiers to overrun your cities and drive you from you lives. My newly constructed ally and I will stop at nothing to create numbers the likes of which has never been seen. I am not alone in my cause; though those allied with me around the world are unaware of my ultimate plans. Once my army is raised in his name I shall construct a tower, and within that tower shall be a gate from which the Great Lord shall emerge. Once he is through is armies will combine with mine and we will rule this world as surely as he rules his below us.

Kingbridge, Zyvvia, Tesh, Whitegate: they all with fall systematically. I will not fail in this task. Ayrdonya will fall. We will consume you society. Whether it be done by a whisper of death hidden as charity, by religious faith for all to bow to unyieldingly, by force destroying your sense of safety and filling your hearts with irrational fear, or by infiltration of your city’s upper echelon and forcing those tasked with protecting you to turn a blind eye as you cower and beg for it all to end; the Black Tide is coming.
All shall remember my name and tremble at the very thought of my wrath. From this day forward I no longer go by the name Selek. I am now his messenger, his mortal vessel. From this day forth I am The Dark One.

Evil Approaches

That's right

Black Tide Rising

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