Avarice is the familiar of the Warlock Malphas Greyson. She is the only being that Malphas trusts. She appears as friendly pet, however she is a skilled scout and as many unruly children have discovered, has an affinity for the eyes when provoked.



Ability Scores
Name Score Modifier
Str 1 -5
Dex 15 +2
Con 10 0
Int 10 0
Wis 14 +2
Cha 6 -2

HP: 27 (maximum)

AC: 19
Dex +2, Size +2, Natural +5
Touch AC: 14
Flat-Footed AC: 17

Saving Throws
Total Base Ability Magic
Fort 3 +3 0
Ref 5 +3 +2
Will 9 +7 +2

Initiative: +2

Speed: 10’/ 40’ (fly)
Base Attack Bonus: 7/2
Grapple Modifier: -6
Claws: 9/4 1d2-5


Masters Class Level Ability
1-2 Alertness, Improved Evasion, Empathic Link
3-4 Alter Self
5-6 Telepathic Link
7-8 Speak, Polymorph
9-10 Eldritch Conduit
11-12 Spell Resistance, Bonus Feat: Improved Familiar
13-14 Eldritch Sight

Familiar Ability Descriptions:
Alertness, Improved evasion & Empathic Link: as per PHB

Alter Self and Polymorph: The familiar is able to take the form of an Imp. This form, once chosen, may not be changed. Treat these abilities as per their respective spells, with the following modifications: useable at will, with a 24 hour duration and requiring a move equivalent action on the part of the familiar.

Improved Familiar: The evolution of the Warlock’s familiar is now complete, with the familiar permanently changing to the type of creature in question, retaining the alignment of the Warlock, its Int and Cha, and the ability to use its Polymorph ability to assume it’s previous form.

Telepathic Link: The Warlock has a telepathic link with his familiar, up to a 1 mile distance. This link allows actual communication.

Speak: The familiar may verbally speak, in either of its two forms. It may also use any language the Warlock knows.

Eldritch Conduit: The Warlock may use his Invocations through his familiar, up to line of sight. The range of this ability increases to 1 mile at 13th level. The Invocations useable are limited to those that affect the Warlock only, through touch or have a telepathic component (such as Warlocks Call). When channeling an Invocation through his familiar, he is still subject to attacks of opportunity (if applicable).

Spell resistance: As per PHB

Eldritch Sight: The Warlock may make use of a special Invocation, allowing him to shift his visual perceptions to his familiar. While this ability may be used at will, like his other Invocations, the duration of this Invocation ends when he shifts his sight back to himself. In any given 24 hour period, the warlock may may not use this Invocation in excess of one hour.



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