Malphas Greyson

"The ugly and the stupid have the best of it in this world. They can sit at their ease and gape at the play."


Malphas Greyson

Warlock 8th Level/Rogue 2nd Level
Human Male, Neutral Evil
Size: Med, Age: 29 Ht: 6’1”, Wt: 188 lbs
Description: Brown Eyes, Black Hair, White Skin, Slender Build

Ability Scores
Name Score Modifier
Str: 8 -1
Dex: 18 +4
Con: 12 +1
Int: 16 +3
Wis: 15 +2
Cha: 22 +6

HP: 55 (maximum)

AC: 21
+1 Mithral Chain Shirt +5, Dex +4
Touch AC: 16
Flat-Footed AC: 18

Saving Throws
Total Base Ability Magic
Fort: 9 +2 +1 +6
Ref: 11 +5 +4 +2
Will: 10 +6 +2 +2

Initiative: +4
Dex +4
Speed: 30’
Base Attack Bonus: +7/ +2
Grapple Modifier: +6

Attacks and Damage
Eldritch Blast: Ranged Touch +11 4d6

Appraise: 3
Balance: 4
Bluff: 24
Craft (Alchemy): 14
Concentration: 9
Diplomacy: 29
Disguise: 11
Escape Artist: 4
Forgery: 3
Gather Information: 13
Hide: 3
Intimidate: 27
Jump: -1
Knowledge (Arcana): 12
Heal: 2
Listen: 12
Move Silently: 4
Knowledge (The Planes): 4
Perform: 13
Ride: 4
Search: 3
Sense Motive: 12
Spellcraft: 17
Spot: 2
Use Magic Device: 23

Experience: 45,001

• Dual Wand Wielder
• Extra Invocation
• Obtain Familiar
• Maximize Spell-Like Ability
• Leadership

Special Abilities
• Eldritch Blast
• Detect Magic
• Deceive Item
• Fiendish Resilience 1
• Trapfinding
• Damage Reduction 2/Cold Iron
• Sneak Attack +1d6
• Evasion

• The Dark One’s Own Luck
• Devil’s Sight
• Beguiling Influence
• Eldritch Chain
• Flee the Scene
• The Dead Walk

King’s Common

Equipment & Magic Items

Amulet of Charisma +2
Vest of Resistance +2
Ring of Mind Shielding
Heward’s Handy Haversack
Belt of Persuasion ( +3 on Charisma based checks )
Ring of Protection +2

Elixir of Love
Spider Climb

Magic Missile (9th)
Magic Missile (9th)
Cure Light Wounds
Enlarge Person


Mundane Gear & Alchemical Items
Vial (10) 1 lb
Ink Pen *
Ink *
Trail Rations 7lbs

Coins, Gems, & other Valuables
PP: 0
Gems: 0
GP: 250
SP: 0 Weight: 0lb
Total Encumbrance

Carrying Capacity
Light 0-26 Medium 27-53 Heavy 53-80 Lift Over Head 80 Lift Off Ground 160 Push or Drag 400


The man sat on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands. What happened? He couldn’t remember how this came to be, how this nightmare could have befallen him. He looked behind him on the bed where the young woman lay, dead. The blood was completely soaked into the sheets and mattress. It was dried onto her face, chest, and lap from her apparently throwing it up. He began to weep quietly at his current predicament. His tears pooled in his palms and began to drip off of the large diamond ring that was on his finger. Suddenly the door to the room opened and in walked a thin handsome man in a very expensive suit and coat. He walked over to the man and quietly said, “Reynauld, what have you done here?” The man sprung to his feet as he pushed the hand away, “I didn’t do this! I couldn’t have! The last thing I remember she was alive, she was laughing! I swear it!” he bellowed through sobs of fear. “Shhh,” the dark man said, “Remember when we met last week? Remember what I said to you?” The nobleman looked curiously at the man, as if he only half understood. “I explained that since your father’s recent passing you have become a very important man. That you need to be more careful with yourself so that ruin doesn’t fall on your family with your transgressions. Do you remember that conversation? Do you remember what you said in response to my kind words of advice?” The dark man eyed the nobleman matter-of-factly. “You son of a bitch,” Reynauld spat back at him. The man simply smiled a wry smile and replied, “That would be a good summary of it, yes.” The dark man moved to the dresser and retrieved the nobleman’s fine silk cloak and held it out for the young Reynauld to take. “I am the type of man that always had more faith in action than words, so I never take insults to heart; lucky for you. I happen to know the owner of this fine establishment. I can arrange for discretion on this matter if you wish. Is that what you would like, for this to go away?” The man’s eyes narrowed at this final sentence to show that this offer was one time only. The young nobleman’s shoulders slumped, “Yes.” “Excellent,” the man said as he clamped his together. “Now in return, your family owns an estate in Riverstem yes? I wish to purchase it from you at a discounted price. I have interests abroad. I think we can agree on a price without involving anyone who would also be very interested in the matter concerning this poor young woman here, would we?” Reynauld, defeated, quietly answered, “No sir.” “Good,” the man said. At that he tapped at the door and a giant half orc walked into the room. “Get the dregs to clean this up, but I want you to take care of the body. Do whatever you like with it, but when you are done sink it in the river.” Reynauld spoke up in outrage, “What do you mean “when he is done with her? Have you no conscience Malphas?” The man smiled at him, turned, and as he opened the door to leave the room said, “Conscience is just a polite term for cowardice,” and closed the door behind him.
Malphas Greyson was born in the city of Kingbridge to an upper middle class family. His parents, Dolas and Valeria, spent their lives striving to break the top of that crust. A vain, lavish duo, Malphas’s parents put on great airs to look the part of the noble class. They dressed in the finest clothes, hired nannies to take care of, and basically raise, their only son. Because of this distant relationship Malphas quickly learned that he needed to rely on himself.

Malphas Greyson

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